Thursday, October 10, 2019

Active Involvement

Active involvement is being involved and with on camps events like clubs sports teams and drama productions like acting in a play singing or playing an instrument. I have been involved in all these fields. For example I worked with the drama production class setting up the play â€Å"I hate hamlet† that went on this semester. I was in charge of the light and sound cues that were in the play. I really enjoyed my time working on this play. I learned a lot from the different people that were working with us.Actor’s backstage managers and the props people. Working together to put a play was a very hard job; we had to work as a team helping each other with different chores. We faced a lot of conflicts, which was very normal for a drama class to suffer from but in the end we put up the play and everybody enjoyed it. I am also on the volleyball team of auk. I am learning a lot. It is a must to work as whole not as single individuals when you’re on a team. Communication is key.Without communication we would have chaos on our team, and we wouldn’t be able to play properly. This impacted my college experience by teaching me important qualities that I will use later in life. For example, thinking before speaking, Communication, respect and patience. I got into a fight with my drama professor because I used to have a very bad way of communicating with my peers. I am a vey low tempered person, and that caused me to have problems with the team I was working with.But with time I learned that not everything has to work my way even if it was the right way, but I must listen to others views and opinions and take them into consideration before taking action on my own thoughts. This experience will help me a lot in the future by making me a better person with dealing with matters that involve dissension taking and organizing events. I am very thankful to this opportunity that showed me a better quality in me that I’m still working on, making it b etter everyday.I recommend freshman’s to get involved in sports and drama classes because to me success can be measured by how well a persons social intelligence is, a person that knows how to deal with certain situations and solves the conflict without making a big scan is a successful person and will see him or her self in the future as a leader. Sports will get you involved with a healthy lifestyle and gets you engaged with different people with different backgrounds and lets you create contacts around the collage campus.

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